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Custom Artwork by PSA

Rainbow paint background with the words Custom Artwork in dark blue script

Looking to create unique and fully custom awareness items for your organization? PSA's team of experienced graphic artists are here to help you bring your vision to life. You may ask, "but how do I get custom artwork for my products?" Here is some important information on how PSA's Art Team handles custom artwork requests:

Custom Art Requirements

The type of custom artwork that can be created for your products is dependent on the type of product, the imprint area size, and the complexity of the design that is requested. For example, a small pen with a 1-color imprint will not be able to properly print a large full-color logo or design:

Two pictures of a blue ballpoint pen on top and bottom. The top pen shows a full color imprint that is too small, the bottom pen shows the word DIVERSITY clearly in gold.

If you would like to print your organization's logo, images, or artwork on your products, we require a vector file (for logos) and a high resolution file (for images) to insure the best imprint possible. A vector file is an image that can be made infinitely large or small without losing quality. The types of files that usually contain vector artwork are: .AI, .EPS, .PDF, or .SVG files. (Contact us if you're unsure!) Note: If your logo is not vector we can convert it to the proper file format for a one-time fee. Here is one way to tell if your logo is in vector format:

The West Virginia National Guard logo is center and on the left is a zoomed in image of the logo that is pixelated and unclear. The right shows the same zoomed in image but it is clear and defined.

Bring Your Ideas to Life

Do you have an idea for a design but you aren't sure where to begin? Bring us any colors, elements, or images you want to include and we will help you create a product that's one-of-a-kind! Reach out to your Account Specialist and they can assist you in receiving a custom artwork quote ($40 per hour of design time). Here are some examples of fully custom designs created by our Team:

Top: A large eurofit banner with navy blue background shows information about Airman and Family Readiness and shows military logos in full-color. Center shows a What Would You Do Game wheel with black, red, and teal design, a black packable tote back with native patterns, a computer mousepad with floral self-care artwork. Bottom: A white table throw with a full-color logo for the Kentucky National Guard with the words Ready and Resilient in blue.

Educational and Awareness Items from PSA Worldwide

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